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OnisNetworking, Optical Transceiver Expert

OnisNetworking is a well-established optical transceiver supplier serving both multinational corporations and SMEs alike. We provide excellent customer services and ship to locations across the world. Customers can reference optical transceiver price and types on our official website catalogue, or simply send a message to our sales team for a quick quotation.

The fiber transceiver module is our key product within our diverse range. What’s more, we also offer fiber cables and OEM fiber transceiver module. Feel free to contact us for more details on pricing and availability.

All optical fiber transceiver module we are selling is both smart and clean. Our optical fiber transceiver has a valid serial number for checking and is under warranty. Should customers have any questions about the optical fiber transceiver, you are most welcome to contact us and we’ll be right with you.

To those customers that may be unfamiliar with our product, a fiber optical transceiver is essentially a device that utilizes fiber optical technology in sending and receiving data. In order to send data as electrical signals, electronic components of the optical transceiver first conditions, and then encodes/decodes data into light pulses. In order to send such data as light, an optical transceiver will make use of a light source which is controlled by electronic parts. To receive such light pulses, it will also make use of a photodiode semiconductor.

In a business context, an optical transceiver module is a hot-pluggable optical transceiver used within high-bandwidth data communications settings and applications. In a traditional design, an optical transceiver module will usually consist of an electrical interface on its side which connects to the inside of a system, and an optical interface on the side that serves as a connection point to the outside world through the use of a fiber optic cable. Specifically, the form factor and also the electrical interface are usually both specified by an interested group through a multi-source agreement (MSA). Also, optical modules can be either plugged into a front panel socket or an on-board socket. For certain applications, the optical module can be replaced by an electrical interface module that implements either an active or passive electrical connection to the outside world. A sizeable industry supports the manufacturing and use of all kinds of optical modules.